Healthy Eating and Mental Wellness – A Note by Hannah

Since coming on board as the restaurant lead for Healthy Hunting I have learned in more detail the positive effect of eating well. Aside from the obvious, healthy food works in complex ways to target particular mental or physical processes. There is actually truth behind the myth that carrots help you see in the dark, but I can confirm none in the eating of bread crusts for curly hair. As a new addition to the Healthy Hunting family, I see how essential healthy eating is for overall wellness and have met inspiring people who make exposure of this their livelihood.

What Happened in Türkbükü – Matt’s Healthy Hunting Backstory

When we arrived at The LifeCo Detox Centre in the baking heat of Türkbükü, South West Turkey, I was intrigued. I was about to experience my first ‘life healing holiday’ where relaxation and detox were core elements of the stay, and where eating nutritiously and healthily was going to be a daily, educational ritual.